Wednesday, March 6, 2013

School is for the Birds

A couple of weeks ago one of our co ops had a field trip, my kids were SO excited! We were going to go a Children's Museum; unfortunately there was a huge snow storm that morning, so we didn't go. My kids were beyond disappointed, so I promised them we'd go in a couple of days. Well a couple of days went by and my little monkeys weren't about to let me forget my promise. So instead of school that morning we took off for the Children's Museum. It was so much fun!
Here is my little cutie playing.
The boys enjoying the farm.
I love this crazy baby.
Out saving lives, or shooting down enemies. I'm never quite sure.
Putting on a play, with the baby standing in the middle. He's very helpful.
After the children's museum, my kids weren't ready to go home. Luckily there was another museum right across the street. We made it just in time for their movie Perfect Little Planet.
Waiting to go into the movie.
The movie's about to start lady, put away your phone!
We got home and had a late lunch and still had enough time to do some school. I love days like this!!

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