Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My daughter can be a tad dramatic, I have no idea where she got that from :). So last week when her brother accidentally shut the door on her big toe I didn't take it too seriously. After a few days she kept complaining how bad it hurt; I glanced down and it looked bruised, so I didn't worry too much. (She is that dramatic, like bump into a wall and need to put an ace bandage on to help with the pain) Well a couple of days later she couldn't even stand to put a shoe on or even walk on it.  I FINALLY sat down and really looked at her toe; it was completely infected.
 I have had a child with an infected toe before and put melaleuca on the toe about 3 times a day and it was gone within a few days.  However, the cut had already healed on her toe and the infection couldn't come out anywhere. I then remembered that clove will actually pull something out, so I tried it. I also would put basil on to kill the infection. After a couple of days of putting the oils on about 3 times a day, we could see the infection starting to come out.

Then after that we put some hydrogen peroxide on her toe and it opened the whole thing up. 

We have been keeping clove and basil on her toe just in the mornings to make sure we have killed all the infection.
It keeps getting better every day! I will keep putting oils on her until I feel like we've got it all.

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  1. this is exactly what i needed today. I got a mole removed on my hip and it is badly infected. Instead of looking at it and giving me more topically, dr. bezzant over the phone just prescribed an antibiotic. I don't want to take it because a) i'm nursing b)Izzy is on an antibiotic for an ear infection. I'm getting sick of being prescribed stuff.