Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bed Wetting

We unfortunately have someone in our home who has some issues with wetting the bed at night. We've done reward programs and tried to stay really positive but it just didn't seem to matter. One day I was flipping through my oil book looking for something else when I saw they have an oil for bed wetting. I thought what the heck I will try it, it's better than changing the sheets everyday or having to still buy pull-ups.

It suggested the oil Cypress*. So the next day we tried it, we put a few drops on his belly and sent him to bed. He woke up dry!! So we continued this for weeks and he only had ONE accident!! Now it has been over two months and he hasn't needed it since. He is so happy to not have to wear pull-ups and I'm so happy to not have to buy them.

Cypress-has been used anciently for it's benefits on the urinary system. It does so many wonderful things for so many different parts of the body!!

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  1. This is soo timely! I used to have Cypress but I am all out. I would love to use this for our little man.